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The world is changing — what’s happening with currency, and how it’s regulated, is a prime example. Cryptocurrencies, led by Bitcoin and including thousands of others, are changing the way transactions are conducted. These cryptocurrencies present new challenges to policymakers and regulators, both here in the United States and abroad. Those challenges invariably mean that legal and regulatory compliance is also in a state of flux. A business that wants to avail itself of the tremendous opportunities crypto offers needs sound legal counsel to show the way. In an evolving landscape, perhaps the best way to navigate the future is to turn to someone who understands the past. Good Attorneys At Law brings over 20 years of experience in a range of legal disciplines relevant to the crypto industry.

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World Class Results, Experienced Advice

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Ari Good, JD LLM is the president of Good Attorneys at Law. He has background in cryptocurrency and the legal issues that intersect with it. To understand cryptocurrency means also having a firm understanding of traditional finance and tax law. Attorney Good received his LLM in the field of taxation. He also obtained certification as an anti-money laundering specialist. Attorney Good helps clients mitigate the risks of financial crime such as money laundering and terrorist financing. As a Certified Blockchain Financial Analyst, Mr. Good has the in-depth industry knowledge to understand the business, technical and legal needs of each client. The nature of the work also means collaboration with other professionals, whether that be those in different fields of law or in accounting. We pride ourselves on a results-oriented approach, and we know that the best results come when people work together as a team.

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