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Finance is the lifeblood of any healthy enterprise, and financial transactions come with considerable legal issues. This is true in any context, but even more so at a time when the very form of monetary exchange is evolving with cryptocurrencies. An experienced cryptocurrency law firm, one that understands the legal and regulatory underpinnings of the new system, can be a valued asset to both businesses and individuals.

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Our Practice Areas

Expert Tax Law Guidance For Your Business

While a good accountant can do a lot for a business, a reliable tax lawyer may be a necessary professional companion. Good Attorneys at Law can serve as an intermediary between a client and the IRS, responding to inquiries and providing documentation. We can offer advice on asset protection and other legal issues that surround tax returns.

Strategic Financial Law Services

Whether it’s mergers and acquisitions, buy-sell agreements, employment contracts, or reviewing a company’s compensation structure for potential legal issues, a financial lawyer can do important work in stabilizing operations. We can help.

Navigating Cryptocurrency Law Complexity

There’s a lot of legal and regulatory gray areas, as legislators and agencies seek to get a handle on this brave new world. An attorney who understands where we’ve been has the best chance of offering counsel on where we’re going. We have that understanding because we’ve been there. Our cryptocurrency law firm can help with taxescontracts, and securities. We can also serve as general counsel.

Strategic Financial Law Services

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is one that uses the technology associated with cryptocurrencies to run operations. Our DAO lawyer can offer counsel on the best way to structure a DAO, along with advice on the best way to work through licensing requirements and regulatory compliance.

Blockchain & Financial Services

Blockchain technology offers the prospect of making businesses across the financial services spectrum more transparent and efficient. Blockchain also offers a brand-new set of legal issues that have to be grappled with. Good Attorneys at Law has a deep understanding of those issues and the right actions for businesses to take moving forward.