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A sound approach to the legal issues surrounding financial transactions is vital for both the short-term and long-term success of a business. From asset protection to mergers and acquisitions to day-to-day issues that arise in the life of the company, an experienced Miami financial lawyer can be a valuable asset for a business owner.
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The Role Of A Financial Lawyer

Broadly speaking, a financial lawyer will draft and negotiate the documents that deal with financial arrangements. This can involve everything from buying a company to seeking out new investors to getting a loan to protecting an owner’s personal liability to developing a salary and benefits structure for employees.

Asset Protection

Our Miami financial attorney can help at the outset of a business’ life. The decisions on corporate structure will have significant implications for an owner’s personal liability. A successful business will almost certainly run into issues where legal action could be possible, be it a vendor or a client. The right corporate structure can shield the owner’s personal assets (i.e., their home) from being vulnerable in litigation. Furthermore, the corporate structure should be chosen with an eye towards maximizing the tax position of the business. The need for asset protection only grows as a business becomes more successful and ownership is able to accumulate more wealth. The inheritance of heirs needs to be protected. A financial lawyer can advise on the best path to succession planning, including how to structure a trust.

Mergers & Acquisitions

A successful business might be poised to acquire another enterprise. Or, that same business becomes attractive as a partner for a merger. All of this involves complex financial documents. Our attorney works with clients not just on preparing the documents but ensuring that the client understands all that is going into the legal aspects of the transaction.

Are there any potential antitrust issues involved with an acquisition or merger? This can involve discussions with the appropriate regulatory agencies. Financing has to be worked out. The roles and responsibilities of everyone involved with the merger need to be clarified. New company policies and guidelines may have to be developed. In all of this, the presence of our experienced Miami financial lawyer is there to see that the merger or acquisition runs smoothly.

Whether the legal issue at stake is big or seemingly small, it’s still important and requires the eyes of experienced counsel. Call Good Attorneys at Law at (877) 771-1131 or fill out our online contact form to arrange for a consultation.

The Ongoing Life Of The Business

When a business seeks out investors, there are legal issues inherent in that process. The corporate structure of the business has implications for how investment can be sought. Those putting money into the business will have their own objectives, and an attorney can put together documents that ensure everyone’s goals are being met.

The hiring and compensation process must protect the legal needs of the business. An experienced attorney can coordinate with human resources protect the firm from any liability that could arise from an inequitable pay scale.

A business that needs loans is wise to get legal counsel on the final terms of the credit agreement. Seemingly small details can turn into a very big deal, and a business owner needs the peace of mind that comes from knowing their lawyer is on top of all those details.

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